Protection Planning

Many people do not consider the impact on their family in the event of an untimely demise, ill health or the inability to work, yet protecting and managing your wealth is core to financial planning. It need not cost a fortune and in many cases some of the ‘needs’ are not relevant. 

At Brooks Wealth Management we pride ourselves on taking a pragmatic approach to wealth management and retirement financial planning which many consider unnecessary. Our aim is not to alarm people in order to create a need that doesn’t exist; rather we look at your personal circumstances and offer realistic advice on where gaps in your planning exist and how potential solutions may fill them.  Some clients prefer to work within a budget and other clients will not want to but, whatever the situation, we are happy to inform you at a ‘no obligation’ meeting of the gaps that exist to allow you to make your own decision. 

Financial planning solutions in this area tend to consist of insurance based contracts such as Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.  While these are the main insurances that will be discussed, there are other options that should be considered such as Private Medical Insurance, and protection against any debt that you may have.