Retirement Planning

Many people are confused by the prospect of pensions, saving for retirement and end of life planning.  They are not clear if they should join their Company Pension Scheme or if they should make private pension arrangements?  The present legislation surrounding pensions complicates matters further, yet pensions are not always the best way to save for your retirement and you still need to consider how to pay the bills. 

At Brooks Wealth Management we will help to steer you through the minefield of pension planning and retirement saving by offering an informed and impartial pension advice service.  We understand that when you near retirement then the situation can become more urgent. The changes in the recent Budget have meant that retirement plans have become even more complex! For example: Should you buy an Annuity? If so, should it be a fixed term Annuity, an ill-health Annuity, an enhanced Annuity, or a standard Annuity?  Should it increase, should it be level, should you plan for your spouse in the Annuity?  How does it fit into the pensions that you may have from work? And are the pensions from work offering you the best retirement plans?  Should you take it as a lump sum, or as an income, or should you move into some sort of drawdown arrangement? 

All of these questions offer no easy answer to clients.  At Brooks Wealth Management we specialise in pension advice and retirement planning as well as estate planning services and can steer you through the myriad of choices to give you the information you need to make one of the most important decisions of your life.