The value of one simple statement and good advice…

I have had a few meetings in the last two weeks, with new clients who patiently waited to get into my diary (thank you). I was pleased to be able to quickly suggest things that changed their views and improved their plans. Nothing really for me to do, just some throwaway (in my view) suggestions. All three people said they could now see why I am so busy.

I am reflecting on this.

For me, after years of giving advice, it’s a simple matter. But for them, I can see it cleared the fog and moved them forward positively.

This I can see, my wife is a coach for children who have difficulties say with fear or other behavioural needs, she does simple things that have amazing impact. Previously I have used nutritional coaches and now I am trying, with some difficulty, to learn boxing moves by going to Hatton Boxing. I am also trying to learn the guitar. In both cases I am most definitely in the fog but my coaches make simple comments and give advice that take me forward by a leap. I am sure they don’t recognise the value of their “one simple statement”.

So, I would encourage everyone to get good coaches in life.

As IFA`s we are not just people who give you financial advice, accountants don’t just give tax advice, lawyers are not just legal advice and behavioural, nutritional and boxing coaches or music teachers can bring you forward faster, clear the fog and make your life better. They are all life coaches.

My humble suggestion, live your best life and seek out good advice.

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