Investing during uncertainty

Some of our clients take a very keen interest in our Investment Philosophy. A fairly comprehensive document is available. Should you wish to have a look through then we will happily email you a PDF copy to peruse. For most people a basic understanding is still valuable – especially in times of uncertainty. These are the foundations of good investment in our view.


Investments in General Investments, ISAs and pensions for example comprise:

  • Cash
  • Fixed Interest
  • Equities / Shares
  • Futures and other derivatives
  • Alternative assets including property


Depending on your appetite for risk and reward, these asset classes are blended, typically from Cautious through Balanced to Adventurous. Then each asset class is spread over a range of underlying sectors such as finance, pharmaceutical, engineering, technology, large companies, small companies – the list goes on.


This is then replicated across international boundaries. The UK markets have lagged behind other countries and regions for much of the last 10 years. But so far in 2022 it is one of the best performing areas. A geographical spread helps to smooth some of the inevitable ups and downs of investment.


Observations like this require knowledge and experience of the market. Well diversified portfolios with expert management make a difference and create the opportunity to change direction when needed. These portfolios sometimes cost a little more than a simple approach that might fail to react in times of change. There are few guarantees for future performance but sticking to basic principles is a good strategy, while allowing fund managers the space to make good strategic and tactical decisions.


Currently, for medium to long term planning, we believe a mix of passive, active or blend of passive/active management using wide diversification and global exposure (avoiding the placement of all your eggs in one basket as the old cliché goes) is the best philosophy. For longer-term investment there are other strategies that blend the opportunity for value and performance.


If you are interested in investing new monies or would like a review of your existing holdings then please get in touch.                        01733 314553