If there is one thing that the COVID pandemic has taught us, things can change forever. So what can you do? Well, things that concern some households differ from others. This provides opportunities in terms of insurance. For example, the risk of unemployment is more significant in some industries than in others. The risk of poor health differs, and other dangers to continuous employment vary depending on age, occupation, and sometimes pure luck!


If your primary concern is making sure the main bills get paid (Mortgage/Rent/Utilities/Food – for example). You might want to explore income protection plans that will pay a proportion of your income if your employer does not offer enough protection to keep your budget on track.


If redundancy is a real issue for you, other plans are available to consider. Or, for example, how would you manage financially if struck down by an accident or an illness? If one of a couple died, what would happen? Would the survivor be able to carry on working? Who would look after any dependants?


What about if someone dies before pension benefits have attained a level of financial security in retirement? What would be the implications if an older person died before their estate was sorted out? There are examples of beneficiaries of an estate being unable to release anything from an estate because probate will not be granted before HMRC have been paid all the taxes they feel entitled to.


An experienced Independent Financial Adviser can provide solutions from the marketplace to offer the best value for your circumstances and ensure you are recommended the right answers.