Inflation, Inheritance Tax, Long term care and other threats to your money.

Inflation, Inheritance Tax, long term care and other threats to your money.


The above are some of the biggest threats to family wealth. Your Wealth can be exposed to one, two or all of them in some sad cases.

This is true of estates of modest as well as large sizes. Inflation and  long-term care  challenge even modest estates.


Inheritance tax

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has collected £5.5bn in inheritance tax (IHT) between April 2021 and February 2022. This is £700m higher than the same period last year. Many people thought they were safe and their beneficiaries found out the truth. If you want to make sure that the revenue is not one of the biggest beneficiaries of your estate, get in touch and we can review position and tell you how to avoid as much as possible.


Long Term Care

As far as Care needs, we can do the same and review if any planning could protect your capital and also review how you plan to leave your estate to the next generation. As above even if you have just a worry get in contact as we offer no obligation initial meetings to discuss.



If you hold say £50,000 in cash it could be worth £2950 less in one years’ time. This is based on inflationary rates publishes on the 23rd March 2022. I am sure you could think of better ways to spend this capital so we offer advice on how to look for potential to help mitigate inflation.


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