Why it is time to invest for the future of our planet?

It is unlikely that 2020 will be remembered by any of us fondly. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world. Global economies have been hit and many people have been struggling, whether that is health, job losses, mental wellbeing.

However, one of the very few ‘up-sides’ has been that the standstill of air travel, reduced traffic, generally less human activity caused a fall in CO2 emissions which is a step in the right direction for our planet.

Climate change poses a real and present danger to the well-being of people and the planet. The next decade presents a critical window in which we can still shape the future.

Let’s not just ‘get back to normal’

We have all craved a return to normality after months and months of lockdowns; being separated from family and unable to go anywhere. Thankfully after amazing breakthroughs in vaccines, we are increasingly seeing increasing freedoms and a path back to some sort of normality.

But instead of just going back to how things were in every aspect of our lives, now is the time to try and change things for the better and the future. Despite the slight fall in CO2 emissions, it is still not enough to prevent potentially irreversible damage a rise above 1.5 degrees would create*. With the pressing need for action to combat climate change, we cannot afford the environment to pay the price for increased human activity.

Making a difference

Many people are now looking to invest their money not only for potential returns but also to create positive outcomes for people and the planet. And help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing this world, of which climate change is one. And because there is a growing demand to invest in this way, it drives more and more companies to help find solutions to some of these issues.

From pioneering healthcare solutions to enabling others to reduce their CO2 emissions, companies are looking to create a better future.

By investing in these companies you can not only play a part in re-building a post pandemic economy but also help make a difference for the future.

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