There are always Ups and Downs

Bull (when share prices are generally rising) and Bear (when share prices are generally falling) Markets are a fact of life. It doesn’t take an investment expert to know that!

You would need to be a genius, however, to be able to time the ups and downs with any accuracy. What is better is to get into the market and invest over the medium to long term as the statistics for nearly a century of market rises and falls demonstrates below.

This table shows the highs and lows of UK bull and bear markets from the 1926 to the present day.

Bull or Bear     Start Date     End Date      Depth        Duration
Bull                    Jan-26          Oct-29          47%        3yr 10 months
Bear                   Nov-29          Jul-32         -45%        2yr 9 months
Bull                    Aug-32          Jan-37        142%       4yr 6 months
Bear                   Feb-37         Aug-40        -42%        3yr 7 months
Bull                    Sep-40         Nov-51        341%       11yr 3 months
Bear                   Dec-51           Jul-52        -22%        8 months
Bull                    Aug-52        Aug-57        160%        5yr 1 month
Bear                   Sep-57         Mar-58        -20%        7 months
Bull                    Apr-58         May-61        168%       3yr 2 months
Bear                   Jun-61         Aug-62         -21%       1yr 3 months
Bull                    Sep-62         Feb-69         185%       6yr 6 months
Bear                  Mar-69          Jun-70         -30%       1yr 4 months
Bull                    Jul-70           May-72        103%       1yr 11 months
Bear                  Jun-72           Dec-74         -67%       2yr 7 months
Bull                    Jan-75          Oct-87        3514%     12yr 10 months
Bear                 Nov-87          Dec-87          -34%      2 months
Bull                   Jan-88           Sep-00          571%     12yr 9 months
Bear                 Oct-00           Feb-03           -43%      2yr 5 months
Bull                  Mar-03          Nov-07          135%      4yr 9 months
Bear                 Dec-07          Mar-09          -41%       1yr 4 months
Bull                  Apr-09           Dec-19          212%     10yr 9 months

*Source: Money Observer May 2020/Timelineapp Tech

Average bull duration 7 years
• Average bull “height” 507.1%
• Average bear duration: 1 year and 8 months
• Average bear “depth” -36.5%

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