If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything it is that we are all at risk. Death, a short but scary stay in hospital, a couple of weeks on the couch, or months of continued distress, discomfort and inability to work – all these things have become very real.

Nothing will make the emotional, physical and psychological strain of a critical or serious illness worse than adding in financial hardship. The Covid-19 pandemic is a real example of people on a mass scale becoming conscious of their mortality. Consequently, this has created a shift in the way clients view themselves as less indestructible and more consciously aware of the need to protect their loved ones and assets.

This, in turn, has led consumers to be more open about health and mental health and, as a result, interest in protection policies have increased. In a world of uncertainty, protection policies give a sense of reassurance and control. When life gets tough, being able to prioritise health rather than worrying about bills, rent and mortgages is an ideal situation. And protection policies are not limited to pay-outs. Policy holders can benefit from a range of added benefits including access to doctors, bereavement counselling and quicker testing for medical conditions.

Even though the UK is a welfare state, there is a misunderstanding that consumers will be taken care of long term. Government support is simply not enough to cover all the usual bills and expenses.

Research from The Exeter has revealed that more than two thirds of the working population consider the pandemic to have made income security a bigger financial priority. While the pandemic has financially impacted millions across the nation, the reality is that few protect their most valuable assets: themselves and their income.

So what is putting people off? Jargon? We share your pain and will only speak to you in ways that are clear and simple to understand. Cost? Plans start from as little as £10 per month. Payouts? Latest industry figures show that providers are paying out record amounts. As advisers we will ensure you get transparency, honesty and the value.

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