Top 12 Insider Hints and Tips

Looking to make your pensions work harder for you? Try these insider tips:

  1.      Don’t forget to claim higher or additional rate pension tax relief.
  2.      Maximise your employer contributions? Its free money!
  3.      Make sure you know the drawdown rules to avoid overpaying to the taxman.
  4.      Check that your pension performance is beating inflation if not consider changing it.
  5.      When you are young, think about opting for higher growth funds.
  6.      Even if you are approaching or in retirement, your risk level could be too low.
  7.      Make sure you don’t have more than you need in cash savings (rates are terrible)
  8.      Could you retire early? There may be a way – take some advice.
  9.      If you are eligible for pension credit then claim it!
  10.      Fill out your ‘expression of wishes’ form for your pension. That way the person you want to   benefit from your pension will.
  11.      Get a state pension forecast, so you know what you will get and can plan accordingly
  12.      Take advice – Pension Wise and most advisers offer a free initial consultation (just ask)

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