In good times and bad

What do Brooks Wealth / Wealthline advisers do for you?

We are Planners

  • We plan for your now and the future with you, taking into account all of your wants and needs.
  • We consider your position in detail and look at giving you the best possible foundation to support the things you want to happen.
  • We consider for example:
    • Family and individual needs
    • Capacity for loss, attitude to risk and ability to survive market volatility or at least be able to cognitively deal with market volatility.
    • Community or social and environmental considerations.
    • Religious or ethical considerations.
  • We consider what you like but we will tell you honestly if what you like does not serve you.
  • We consider present and future legislation and taxation and how they might impact you.
  • We advise you on health and changing lifestyles as we age.
  • We will aid you by debating what you think to ensure you really understand the outcome of your actions.

We are problem solvers

  • We recommend and advise on solutions to all of the issues you face
  • We help you prioritise to deal with things in the most appropriate order
  • We provide detailed reports on how the solutions address the needs you have now and in the future.

We are researchers

  • We constantly review the market of products and investments available for our clients’ needs.
  • We keep a watchful eye on the world economy and how that might affect our clients
  • We review law and tax as relevant to our clients now and in the future
  • We review legislative needs and how they affect our industry and our clients.

We offer support and guidance

  • We meet with all of our retained clients at least yearly and review the advice given to date.
  • We offer behavioural support to help clients manage changes in their life and the world they live in. These can be life changing points in a person’s life.
  • We support clients through good and bad investment periods and help clients avoid the usual behavioural mistakes people make when they see volatility in values.
  • We support good decision-making practices.
  • We are always available to our clients at their point of need.



We provide generational planning

  • We help you with family needs and we work with all of the family as relevant or preferable to you
  • We advise all members of the family that want to take advice
  • We can ensure the best outcome for multi-generational planning.